Ross Owen's New Album

Organic, Ross Owen’s third studio album, will be released on December 10th, 2021. Having been two years since he released his second album Seed in May of 2019, Organic follows Ross out of his teenage years and into his twenties, showcasing complex songwriting skills and a deep level of musical sophistication.

The eleven track LP’s writing and recording process began during the first COVID-19 lockdown in the US (March 2020) with the song ‘Viral Nightmares’, which sheds light on the collective state of unknown in the conscience of society at the time. Each song on Organic is a fusion of genres, taking the listener on a journey through progressive rock, funk, pop, jazz fusion, and even a jazz manouche guitar solo on the rock epic ‘Hiding out in the Valley’.

Every song on Organic showcases Ross’s development as an artist and producer. The album is titled Organic to reflect the natural sound of human expressionism. The result is a unique sound with captivating lyrics fusing together tones such as retro slap bass riffs, lush guitar harmonies, synth textures, strings, horns, and auxiliary percussion such as timbales, congas, cowbells, and djembe. The drums were recorded beneath a 20-foot-high vaulted ceiling in Avenue B Studio, creating a massive drum sound for the whole record.

Organic is the first of Ross’s albums to feature other musicians such as Georgi James, bassist and vocalist in Ross’s live band who is featured singing on every track on the album, including a duet on ‘Little to no Reason’. Ross also invited band member Charlie Krause to play Organ on ‘Viral Nightmares’, and for the jazz fusion track ‘Chickpeas’ Mike Viani played drums, with Paul Reinhold on bass, and David Pershan soloing on electric piano.

Organic was recorded in Avenue B on the Jersey Shore, the same studio Ross recorded both Sylvænus (2018) and Seed (2019). Ross highlighted that Organic is actually part three of a four-part series of earth inspired titles. We hope you enjoy Organic and all that it has to offer. Stay tuned for more creations coming in the near future.

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