Ross Owen is an artist from Navesink, on the Jersey Shore and has always been surrounded by music thanks to his father, Scott Campbell, who was a recording engineer for several Grammy nominated artists back in the 80’s/90’s. Syncing up his life to the rhythms in his head, Ross likes to write songs about simple day to day experiences or turn lighthearted subjects into a seemingly much bigger deal. He has two studio albums released - Sylvænus (2018) and Seed (2019) - both of which he recorded at his home studio: Avenue B.

Ross's song "Cheese Fry" off of his second album Seed was picked up as a radio advertisement for a Jersey Shore Hot Dog Chain called Windmill. This fast paced poppy tune talks about any given person's crippling laziness or lack of motivation to accomplish things in this world, and always resorting back to having another order of Cheese Fries. The line "it's too late to save the world but it's never too late to have another cheese fry" and other lines in the song encapsulate Ross's sense of humor that bleeds into his songwriting. His song "REDED" makes a profound statement towards the academic system in place in the United States by portraying it as a brainwashed, cookie cutter, and communist-like regime.

People have described Ross’s music genre as “elevator prog”; a cross of easy listening music with little prog influences tucked inside. Ross is influenced by artists such as Yes, Little Feat, Steely Dan, and Beck, but appreciates a wide array of music. He is in the process of producing/recording his third album, Organic, and has only matured in his songwriting over the years. Ross’s newest single, “Almond Milk Theory”, was released on February 26th, 2021 on all platforms along with a music video on YouTube. Subscribe and follow Ross on all social media to stay up to date on any future gigs or release dates for new music.

Ross’s live band “the Tribe” was formed in September 2018. The band originally was a three piece with Georgi James (bass/backing vocals) and Victor Montanaro (drums), who all had been playing music together since 2013 after meeting originally at Lakehouse Music Academy in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Now the Tribe boasts a 5-piece band with Ethan Christensen (guitar) and Charlie Krause (keyboards/backing vocals) and are all seasoned musicians from performing frequently around the Tri-State area.

Ross also produced international artist Jessica Browning’s album Into Me Sea which was also released on February 26th, 2021 on his own record label, Virtually Atomic. With Jessica’s angelic vocals and harp playing tied together with Ross’s grooves and ethereal sounds, they joined forces to create a beautiful collection of songs about living out at sea with her husband and newly born baby boy. Ross is also co-producing and recording his bandmate Charlie Krause’s solo album in his home studio too, which will also be released on Virtually Atomic.