When is the Tribe Playing Next?

June 19: The Chubby Pickle - 9:00PM

July 2nd: Water Witch Coffee Shop - 6:30PM

July 31: ParkFest @ Atlantic Highlands Harbor (Time TBD)

The Tribe was lucky enough to play some shows before the pandemic of 2020 hit everywhere around the globe.

Thanks to the people who came out to support us in the beginning of the year!

2020 Shows:

May 16: Highlands Park Fest (Livestream on Facebook)

March 7: The Chubby Pickle

February 28: Hometown Boys Revue @ Waterwitch Coffee Shop

February 21: The Brighton Bar

January 30: The Chubby Pickle (Solo)

January 24: Red Tank Brewing

January 16: Light of Day @ Langosta Lounge

January 19: Light of Day @ the Stone Pony

January 3: The Chubby Pickle

2019 was an awesome year for the Tribe - thank you to all who spent a moment of it with us!

Shows of 2019

December 19: The Chubby Pickle

December 14: Waterwitch Coffee Shop

November 23: The Chubby Pickle

November 12: Café Artiste

November 2: The Chubby Pickle

October 20: The Brighton Bar

October 6: Asbury Lanes

October 5: The Stone Pony

October 4: WMCX 88.9 FM Live Set/Interview

September 27: The Chubby Pickle

September 13: The Brighton Bar

August 31: The Chubby Pickle

August 25: The Brighton Bar

August 11: The Brighton Bar

August 10: The Chubby Pickle Opening for Karmic Juggernaut

June 20: The Chubby Pickle

June 8: Light of Day Foundation @ Barnacle Bill's Amusement

June 7: Highlands Bonfire

May 26: The Stone Pony

May 10: Middletown High School South Food Truck Fest

May 5: The Saint

May 2: The Chubby Pickle

April 30: Café Artiste Songwriter's Showcase

April 13: The Chubby Pickle

March 10: The Brighton Bar

February 19: Café Artiste Songwriter's Showcase

February 17: The Stone Pony

January 31: Tedx, Paramount Theatre

For more info on tickets for certain shows, email