Jessica Browning

Jessica Browning is an American singer songwriter harpist, currently living in Martinique on her sailboat, with her two harps, her husband, and baby boy.

Before leaving land life for her sailboat life, Jessica has performed across the globe, being a featured artist in France, the United States, Great Britain, India, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Australia, and currently in the Caribbean Islands. Jessica has been featured twice by Camac Harps in international harp festivals; once as the featured electric harpist in Toulouse, France and once for la Journée de la harpe in Liege, Belgium. She was the featured artist opening the International Celtic Harp Festival in Dinan, France. Jessica also was one of the featured artists in Sardania, Italy for their festival 'Arpa del Mundo'.

Jessica is especially known for the music she writes with her electric harp, adding effect, rhythms, her powerful voice, and soulful energy.


After sailing across the Atlantic Ocean on her sailboat and giving birth to her baby son, Jessica releases her fifth album, Into Me Sea, in March 2021. Jessica is thrilled to have worked with Ross Owen for the production of the album. His intuition, creative genius, and fabulous ear made for a great team with Jessica. The album features Jessica's pregnancy voyage across the sea and her journey into motherhood.

Jessica recording electric harp in Avenue B Studios