Scott Campbell

Founder, Chairman

Scott Campbell began his career as a recording engineer in the 1980s and worked with award winning artists such as Annie Lennox, Robbie Robertson, Blue Nile, John Martyn, Frankie Miller, Hue & Cry, Deacon Blue, Love & Money, The Almighty, The River Detectives, Big Dish, Wet Wet Wet and Craig Armstrong among many others. Robbie Robertson’s album Storyville which Scott worked on was nominated for a Grammy for Best Engineered Album. After spending almost two decades pioneering digital media technologies with companies like the BBC and Virgin Group and working with artists such as Duran Duran, Roger Taylor from Queen and George Michael; in 2010, Scott decided to release a solo album ‘The Commute’ which is a musical journey highlighting his influences from around the world. In 2013 Scott released a remastered collaboration recorded in 1991 with Robert McIntosh Ferrier on a song called “Things Ain’t the Same” under the pseudonym 'Groove Chiefs'. Scott still mixes special projects for a select number of Virtually Atomic artists and takes an executive producer role to make sure Avenue B productions are nothing short of state of the art listening experiences.

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