Sustainability is very important to Virtually Atomic. If you're reading this, we hope it's important to you too. 

As a digital record label, we try to minimize our carbon footprint various ways: 

We are always conscious about our impact on the environment along with our impact on the future, which is why we really pride ourselves on our advocacy for the cause. Our artist's songs promote gender & racial equality, exposure to nature, & other sustainable ideas that call for a more equitable society. VA artist Jessica Browning represents the power of women not only in the music industry, but also the necessity within society as a whole. VA president and artist Ross Owen has themed his three studio album titles around nature. In several of Ross's songs he brings attention to the beauty of mother nature, while also revealing the negative impacts that humans have put/are putting on the planet. There is often debate and speculation of where we should go from here as a society, which is what sustainable thinking can be used for in the present to make real change for the future.

Below are some initiatives which we at Virtually Atomic feel the general public should be aware of:

The Music Climate Pact, established in December 2021. This is the music industry itself standing up to do its part against climate change. 

The United Nation's (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These goals outline what the UN deems as important to achieve by 2030 for our planet to be operating sustainably. 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC are the "United Nation's body for assessing the science related on climate change" (taken from their website). 

Please take a look for yourself to see what these initiatives are striving for/doing to make a difference. 

We hope that you can see the facts presented here by the scientists and will keep them in mind as you go about your day to day life. There is always another way to do your part towards a sustainable future for all generations to come.