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Located near the gateway to the Jersey Shore, Avenue B has been a working studio since the early 2000's. What started as a basement set-up with only one guitar on the wall over time has turned into a fully sound-treated room filled with state of the art recording equipment. Only minutes from the beach and seconds from the woods, Avenue B is a haven for artists looking to create a record while being a 45 minutes from New York City by ferry.

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Recent Releases

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Album Release

December 2021

Ross Owen - Organic

Ross Owen's third studio album, Organic, was released on December 10th, 2021. The album follows Ross into his twenties showcasing maturity and musical sophistication in his songwriting, which sends the listener through a progressive-pop whirlwind. Being the first of Ross's albums that features other musicians, Ross's production is only further enhanced by their contributions. Follow @rossowenmusic on social media to stay up to date with gigs and more content!

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Album Release

November 2021

Charlie Krause - What I'd Give

Charlie Krause's debut album, What I'd Give, was released on November 26th, 2021. Recorded over the span of nearly 2 years, with a pandemic thrown in during the making, nothing went quite as planned. Needless to say, the album certainly works as a time capsule, as each song surmises the cryptic thoughts and experiences of an enigmatic, folk-rock - and jazz - enthusiast. What I'd Give points out that every year in your twenties presents a milestone. Follow @sourkrause_wolfe on Instagram to stay up to date with Charlie's gigs and music!

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Album Release

March 2021

Jessica Browning - Into Me Sea

After sailing across the Atlantic Ocean on her sailboat and giving birth to her baby son, Jessica releases her fifth album, Into Me Sea, in March 2021. Jessica is thrilled to have worked with Ross Owen for the production of the album. His intuition, creative genius, and fabulous ear made for a great team with Jessica. The album features Jessica's pregnancy voyage across the sea and her journey into motherhood.

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Single Release

February 2021

Ross Owen - 'Almond Milk Theory'

Ross Owen has taken on the persona of a mad scientist attempting to crack the code on how almond milk is really made. What started as a funny idea from being a barista at his local coffee shop, Waterwitch Coffee in Highlands, New Jersey, turned into a funky, hip-hop, rapping monstrosity with a groove that surely will make you want to move. Coming from more of a progressive rock background, Ross has diversified his sound and style to appeal to his own generation, while still ripping a Robert Fripp style guitar solo in the middle 8 to stay true to himself. Through a wall of percussion consisting of acoustic drums, congas, timbales, cowbells, shakers, and electronic grooves along with roaring synth and slap bass layers; this song delivers an eclectic sound that you might even find refreshing.

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